Customizing nuxeo automation server to provide service to edit a version of document

I want to add a chain of operations in nuxeo automation server, that will edit a document version. I know editing a version does not make sense, but this is the requirement of our client that we must meet. I am able to retrieve all versions of a document, version creation on a new document creation by event handling, but I cant edit a version of document.

Any help will will be appreciated. Thanks.

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Operation Document.Update allows you to edit a document.

Thanks Florent for your reply. Yes, Document.Update edits the document. But it can only edit the live(checkout) version of a document. I want to edit an old version of a document, is there any way I can customize/ add chain of operations in nuxeo automation server to do that?

Versions are not editable, that's actually their main purpose. When you do a version, you archive it. You might want to copy the version document properties into a new document ? Or do the equivalent of what happens when you “restore” an older version in the interface ? Maybe you have a “branch versioning” use case ? (which is not possible at low level)

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