When binding an action to a transition in a workflow I need to save the Node containing the transition AND the overall workflow to make the binding permanent!

Why do I need to save the Node containing a transition binding to an automation chain AND the containing workflow document to make the binding permanent?

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Hi, What do you mean by permanent? In case you save the node , but then you loose this when you edit other nodes for example it is a bug.

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Permanent in this context means I change the transition, save it, and go to another place in the workflow. When I return to the Node, in the first sentence with the change, the change is not there, the change was not saved or made permanent.

Looks like a bug, but I'm not able to reproduce it. Can you give me some steps? Thx

I'm working in another section of my application now, I will get back to this in a bit. Thanks for the quick response.