Is restart required after adding a new domain?

Hi, We have a system where multiple organizations with their respective users are set up in our LDAP server. We have Nuxeo configured to use the LDAP server for login and domain information purposes. Is there a way to avoid having to restart Nuxeo when we add the new domain there?

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Let me ask a different way. The domains for Nuxeo are defined in an XML file. Is there a way to force these XML files to be re-read and set up the domains WITHOUT forcing a restart of the Nuxeo DM?


If I understand, you'd like to change content template contributions (e.g. extension point “factoryBinding”) for defining or updating new domain structures, and finally without restarting your Nuxeo DM.

You have to reinit your structure which is done during the server startup. If you want to reinit your structure without restarting your server, create an action or operation containing this piece of code (Be carefull, every documents created will be removed except default ones.):

DocumentModel root = session.getRootDocument();
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