Translation - Nuxeo looking for the wrong files


Nuxeo apparently looks for the wrong translations files. When looking at the development tools in chrome I can see the following Log :

nuxeo-app.html-52.js:74 GET http://localhost:8080/nuxeo/ui/i18n/messages-de-DE.json 404
loadLang @ nuxeo-app.html-52.js:74
(anonymous) @ nuxeo-app.html-52.js:78
(anonymous) @ nuxeo-app.html-52.js:49
window.nuxeo.I18n.loadLocale @ nuxeo-app.html-52.js:39
(anonymous) @ nuxeo-app.html-198.js:7
(anonymous) @ nuxeo-app.html-198.js:11
Could not find locale "de-DE". Defaulting to "en".

As you can see, Nuxeo looks for messages-de-DE.json, but when referring to the documentation and looking at my deployment, the correct file would be messages-de.json I am not sure about other languages.

Any ideas how to fix this?

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The locale depends on your browser settings , and your favorite language. Like in french, we have fr, fr-fr, fr-be etc. So this is not a Nuxeo configuration at the end, Nuxeo Web UI is just retrieving the locale, then try to load the translation file if it exists. So, in your context, create another translation file called messages-de.json and it will work.


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Hello, thanks for the swift response.

Normally the fallback for messages-de-DE.json should be messages-de.json, and then fall back to messages.json The whole Nuxeo generated translations are inside messages-de.json ( for all languages, the language code is xx, not xx-XX ) so no matter the browser settings, nuxeo must fallback to the generic xx first, before going to english.

This leads to the issue that nuxeo never gets translated to any language


Your feedback perfectly makes sense: I've created a feedback in our product management application to handle it, we will review it in our next product session :)

Thank you for picking it up, please keep me updated on this :)