How to customize Document Query in Widget

Hi, I have a problem with widgets on home board. All widgets show documents in the wrong order. I would like to see documents ordered by “last modified date”. how can i do that ?

Thank you

Jérémy PETIT-JEAN C.R.I - University of Pau, France

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You can use Nuxeo IDE to create your own last modified date widget with the Automation Open Social Gadget template.


Assuming you are using Nuxeo 5.5, all the page providers used by the gadgets in the Home dashboard are defined in this file:

Note that most page providers, where it makes sense, are already sorted by the modification date, there was an issue about the sort in the gadgets: NXP-7605. This is fixed in the HF02 for Nuxeo 5.5.

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Ok, thank you, HF02 have solved this problem.

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