Automatic locking with WebDAV?

When I open a document using WebDAV, generally the system locks it. This seems to work perfectly with Office and OpenOffice documentsā€¦ However with .txt and .pdf there's a problem. These type of files are not locked when they are opened with WebDAV: this could make sense for .pdf (they are only-read document), but not for .txt. Moreover, since a pdf is not locked, it could happen the following scenario: I open a pdf with WebDAV and, while I'm reading it, another user changes the main file of that document using the browser interface. Isn't it a conflict? I'm reading an obsolete and no longer existing fileā€¦

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And I add: I know that WebDav is developped for Office files, but I thought that locking management would have worked in any case.

It's the client using the WebDAV protocol that is responsible for doing whatever locking it wants. So in this case, Microsoft Office and OpenOffice know that when they use WebDAV to access a file, they should also lock it.

However when you open a Text or PDF file with WebDAV, how do you actually open them? Through which client on your computer? If it's just your file explorer (Windows Explorer, Mac OS Finder, etc.) then it just reads the file and sends it to a third-party application that has no idea that the file was read through WebDAV or how to lock it.

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Hello, For me the automatic locking process doesn't work fine with Microsoft Office. Have you test it with large doc more than 3Mo? Large Doc are already lock and I can't save.

Anyone have an idea about this? I don't knows what i can do?

Best Regards, moise

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