How to bind the correctly function in the nuxeo-data-table-form?

Hi I have the next code,

When I used the property selection-formatter=“[[_getDocTitle]]“ of nuxeo-document-suggestion in the nuxeo-data-table-column the function works fine BUT when I used the same property in nuxeo-data-table-form the function not working (the function not execute).

I can't see any error in the console, How to bind the correctly function in the nuxeo-data-table-form?

I need disabled link of document because when I open document in edit mode (opened popup for add more document in table) then I clic on the link refer document and the pop up with the information the other document in edit mode too.

<nuxeo-data-table role="widget" label="Respuesta Interna" items="{{}}" orderable="false" editable="true" name="fileList">
  <nuxeo-data-table-column name="Respuesta">
        <nuxeo-document-suggestion role="widget" value="[[item.fileInterno]]" readonly="true" multiple="true" name="fileInterno" page-provider="FILTER_DEMO_PP" selection-formatter="[[_getDocTitle]]" ></nuxeo-document-suggestion>

        <nuxeo-document-suggestion value="{{item.fileInterno}}" label="Respuesta" multiple="true" name="fileInterno" page-provider="FILTER_DEMO_PP" required="true" selection-formatter="[[_getDocTitle]]"


_getDocTitle: function (doc){
                return doc.title;

Regards!! Thank you!

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