Bug 5.8 ? update properties with NULL become 'null' on string (vocabulary)


I get in 5.6 : A vocabulary field (save as a String)

I do an update on this parameter with a value that is not initialized, so it should be set to NULL also in 5.8

Nevertheless, when I use this value in a freemarker template, with 5.8 the value changed from NULL to the string 'null' so every tests I did failed, because it's not anymore set to null.

If I'm not wrong, it looks for me as a problem in the update properties chain ?


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It's not clear using what method and what API you do the update. Please clarify.

Hello, thank you. I use an automation chain in a workflow. I call "update properties" chain to set a document Value (metadata) from a workflow Value. When the workflow value is NULL, in 5.6 it set NULL to document Value ; In 5.8, document value is set to 'null' (string 'null'). So, it's set to an nonsense value and disturbing further tests. is it clearest now ?