Document template : how to insert an image ?


I want to insert an image in a document template with freemarker language

like this:

<img src="/img/FAQIcon.png">
  • Document is in HTML
  • then it's converted into PDF

:-( This image is not in the final document, I just got an empty square.

Is it possible to use “resources>images” in document template and what is the correct path to use ?

How insert images in a document template ?


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Hello Me,

In theory you could create your path with ${baseURL}img/logoAmoi.jpg

but baseURL is empty.

So the temporary solution should be :

<p><img src="http://mysecreturl/nuxeo/img/logoAmoi.jpg" WIDTH="50%"/></p>

It works with documents template and emails template too of course.

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look at to have the solution for replace baseURL => ${Env['nuxeo.url']}