Best way to create a link to a WebEngine page in the user center?


In the user center I'd like to add a link (in the left-hand menu) to a WebEngine page managed by the same Nuxeo instance.

I thought I could simply add an action, but unfortunately due to the way the menu is built only view ids can be configured in these actions. No URLs or Seam actions can be configured in there.

Apart from hacking into the menu template (which is not very attractive) is there an easy way to do that?

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Currently i think modyfing the template is the only solution.

From 5.6 it's easier to mix up actions requiring different kinds of rendering into the same UI (menus, tabs, etc…) as we agree that overriding the template is not a pleasing solution. But i think this page in the user center has not been migrated yet to the new system

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Thanks. Unfortunately even modifying the template isn't a walk in the park due to how it's built. Finally I've just put up an intermediate view; for the user that's two clicks instead of one but it's the best I can do for now.