[Solved] Nuxeo 5.8 how to fetch ldap groups


I'm configuring a Nuxeo and I would like to be able to get my LDAP groups in Nuxeo but it doesn't work…

The LDAP authentification works fine but they always match in “members” group and I would like they match to their LDAP group.

So I sent the “default-ldap-users-directory-config.xml” to my server, I can send the content to you if needed but I don't think the problem comes from this file (because user authentification works).

Then I sent the default-ldap-groups-directory-bundle.xml to my server. I don't know if something is wrong in this file, but Nuxeo never asks something to my LDAP about groups like he does for user…

I changed :


I didn't change this:

according to “

So what I have to do? What did I miss? Usually LDAP authentification is very simple to set up…

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I finally used these files:


Instead files from documentation. I think it doesn't matter because there is not a lot of differences…

The most important stuff was to edit this :

    <ldapReference field="members" directory="userLdapDirectory"
      forceDnConsistencyCheck="false" staticAttributeId="member"
      dynamicAttributeId="memberURL" />

Where staticAttributeId=“member” contains the DN of user.

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