Is using Marketplace packages to deploy custom templates to Nuxeo server clusters a best practice?

Is it a best practice to deploy custom templates using a Marketplace package? Or is using a configuration management and deployment framework like Ansible ( preferred for deploying custom templates? How do you manage and deploy custom templates to your Nuxeo server clusters?

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Do you know about ? $NUXEO_HOME/bin/nuxeoctl mp-list $NUXEO_HOME/bin/nuxeoctl mp-add $NUXEO_HOME/bin/nuxeoctl mp-install

We are using marketplace packages and would not go back as they are self-contained, versionned, can define dependencies (on other packages, HF, etc.).

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I think so too: since your MP (Marketplace Package) needs some custom template, it makes sense to also embed that custom template within the MP. That way, the MP is self-contained as patrek said.

Note the Marketplace Package can even activate its custom template when it's being installed using the Config command (with the addtemplate parameter) (you have to look at the command code, the marketplace commands' documentation is not yet up-to-date).

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