update nuxeo in ubuntu erase personnal components

I use the repository for ubuntu 12.04.

It works like a charm, but when there is an update like for 5.9.5, i lose my downloaded addons like nuxeo-drive and nuxeo-platform-login-mod_sso-5.9.5.jar.

How can I do to prevent this ?

thank in advance

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This only applies to addons manually deployed in the server.

The recommended way is to use Marketplace Packages: they should be automatically reinstalled after upgrade (if they have an available compliant version).
If a Marketplace Package does not exist for a given addon, you can ask for its creation or build your own.


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This is normal: you have to upgrade add-ons when you upgrade the Platform. You can check the How to upgrade the Nuxeo Platform documentation for detailed steps.


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