nuxeoctl 5.6 new features documentation

The Nuxeo 5.6 Platform Release Notes ( describe several new nuxeoctl features including: 1). deploy custom config automatically 2). support for automatic updates. It doesn't appear the nuxeoctl docs ( have been updated to describe these new “automatic” features.

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You are not pointing at the right documentation (ADMINDOC55), look at ADMINDOC56 instead. Anyway, the built-in help is always up-to-date: ./bin/nuxeoctl help

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I fixed the outdated link in my original post.

From my perspective, the new 5.6 documentation does not describe either of the 2 new features referenced in the blog release notes. Are these really new 5.6 features? If so, please describe these features in more detail and describe how do they work. Thanks.


1). deploy custom config automatically

It is about the templates management from Marketplace packages (using "addtemplate" command, embedding a custom template in a Marketplace package, …). You can also use JSON and XML exports from NuxeoCtl commands such as "showconf" to script backups, installs and upgrades like we do in the Debian installer.

2). support for automatic updates.

It is about new NuxeoCtl commands: mp-update, mp-hotfix, mp-upgrade

The NuxeoCtl documentation is up-to-date. I still have to update the documentation about Marketplace packaging (NXDOC-122).


Thanks for the clarification. The word "automatic" in the descriptions confused me a bit.