Slot redefinition

Hello, I redefined a slot which already exists in Nuxeo web ui (like for example the tab view) while putting priority = 1 in the “nuxeo-slot-content”. I manage to see my modifications by opening a web session ui but if I open a new ognlet (with the right click of the mouse) Nuxeo loads its slot by default.

Anyone know the problem please?

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without seeing the code is quite difficult to help you. However, it seems the default configuration overrides your custom one randomly. I think you have an HTML file with your resource definition, and two contributions to org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.WebResources in an XML file. In that XML, make sure you have included the nuxeo web ui resources in order to load your custom configuration only after the default configuration is deployed:


If this doesn't help, please provide us some more information, like the code you used to override the default element.


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Thanks, my problem seems to be solved :)