NXQL: how to query docs with a list property attribute equal to null / empty / unvaluated?

I have a custom doc model with a list attribute containing IDs to other objects, thus representing a list of links.

I'd like to query objects that have no values on this attribute, something like:

SELECT * FROM Document WHERE dc:subjects = NULL

Is it possible? I've not found anything like this in the official NXQL doc.


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This should work:

SELECT * FROM Document WHERE dc:subjects/0 IS NULL
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Thanks! It works perfectly (run on Nuxeo 5.8).

As you can see the semantics are slightly different from what you're asking, but I think this is the best we can do. Also dc:subjects/* IS NULL may be actually very slightly more efficient.

Indeed.. not obvious to figure it out by yourself. Still, as long as it does the job it's just as good. Thanks again.