Deafult login user and password not accepted

I have installed Nuxeo on a Windows 7 system. After the installation the nuxeo control panel opens and after start of ther server the broser window (Firefox) opens with the loging window. When entering the default user and password (Administrator / Administrator) the message “wrong user or password” is shown. The same happens with nuxeo 5.5. on my Linux (ubuntu) installation. One thing that strikes meis the error/warning message which appears repetitively in the Windows command window: Missing translation for mainbutton.stop.text Missing translation for aminbutton.stop.tooltip

Can somebody give any advice? Thanks! guenniwi

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The most frequent case of not being able to log in is a database configuration issue, you should check you server log and see if there are messages related to this (or other error messages).

See for the server.log location on Windows.

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