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I have been looking for the nuxeo endpoint which grabs the response for displaying the permission on a document/workspace etc in the Permissions tab in UI. I saw here that the acls are fetched via a GET call with response as given here,:

{ "entity-type": "acls", "acl": [{ "name": "local", "ace": [{ "username": "jdoe", "permission": "ReadWrite", "granted": true }] }, { "name": "inherited", "ace": [{ "username": "Administrator", "permission": "Everything", "granted": true }, { "username": "members", "permission": "Read", "granted": true }] }] }

This response gives local as well as inherited permissions, which I think is parsed and displayed in the Permissions tab. Correct me if I am wrong.

I want to know the web endpoint which pull this data and want to see how nuxeo pull and consolidates the acls in the above form.

I also checked this link, which gives the exposed endpoints on nuxeo, but couldn't find related to acl. Please point me to the right direction.

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This data can be retrieved on any endpoint returning documents, such as /api/v1/id/DOC_ID, by adding the acls enricher to your request. You can find more information there.

There're also three fetch on this enricher to get more detailed data. You can request them by adding the http header fetch.acls=...,... to your request. These properties are: username, creator and extended for extended information.


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Thank you, Kevin!