Nuxeo 10 : How to switch language


I've installed Nuxeo with the virtual machine (VMBox) onto our server and it works quite well. However, no matter what I try it always outputs english as the default language. I tried multiple devices and browsers with different languages on OS level.

How can I force to switch the Nuxeo language to a different language than english (ie. German) ?


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Does somebody know the answer?


Is it possible that you have custom code already overwriting this? Which browser are you using? Are there any errors in the log files when you use a browser that is in German?

On an out-of-the-box Nuxeo 10.10 installation I can easily change the language to German by changing my Google Chrome language settings to German.

If you want to force everyone to use German, a hack would be to copy German translation files to the default.



you can follow this below steps :

  • Choose Preferences in our profiles .
  • After that, an interface that will display in witch you can switch the Nuxeo language.
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I dont see "Preferences" in my user settings

The link contains information about preferences:

But I'm not on the JSF UI. Am I out of luck? Do I have to install something else? The docs speak of community language packs which might contain other languages, german for instance.

Are you using WebUI? WebUI uses the language that the user's browser is using. Or you can override per these directions.

Yes, I am using WebUI. However on my Mac its all English and on my Coworkers Mac (OS language german and browser language german) its still english. I am unable to force a specific language on my users. How can I do that?