Nuxeo Live edit does not save the file


I have installed Nuxeo Live Edit (nuxeo-liveedit-msoffice-x86-lateststable) on my computer. My operating system is XP (it should not matter), Office package is 2010 32-bit and I am using Internet Exploder 8 as a browser. I can open an Office file in Nuxeo, but when I save it, it does not ask “Save in Nuxeo?” or anything. Therefore I cannot save the edited files.

I have also tested this with my colleagues. Three of them have received Win 7 updates (Office 2010 32-bit and IE 9) during past few weeks and after the installation everything worked OK. But one of my colleagues faced the same problem with his Win 7 (Office 2010 32-bit and IE 9) computer, which was upgraded last year.

I have tried numerous instructions, updated Java but none of them seem to be working. Please reply as soon as possible because this matter is urgent and I need to start tests and training with Nuxeo!!!

Best regards, Eero Liimatainen

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