Is the OpenCMIS local binding supported in Nuxeo?

OpenCMIS has a local binding type for same JVM deployment. Dose Nuxeo repository support it? If yes, how to configure it, specificly what is the value of SessionParameter.LOCAL_FACTORY?

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The preferred way to access a local Nuxeo instance through OpenCMIS client API using local bindings is to build a NuxeoSession (which implements org.apache.chemistry.opencmis.client.api.Session) . You can build it from a NuxeoRepository (costly to build, so do it once) and a CoreSession. You can pass null for the CallContext.

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The online documentation has an example of the OpenCMIS local binding usage from the Nuxeo JVM.

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Note that the page above describes the use of NuxeoCmisService which represents the local SPI (which is the other way to use OpenCMIS directly from Nuxeo).