Adding a user directory with MSSQL datasource

I'm trying to create a new user directory. The data comes from a bespoke SQL Server 2008 database, exposed as a view named “vUser”. I've declared a datasource in a separate file, stored as Nuxeo/nxserver/config/sqlds-config.xml:

  <component name="org.nuxeo.runtime.datasource.project">
  <extension target="org.nuxeo.runtime.datasource.DataSourceDescriptor" point="datasources">
  <datasource maxActive="20" maxIdle="5" maxWait="10000" name="jdbc/project" driverClassName="net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbcx.JtdsDataSource">
  <property name="serverName">X.X.X.X  </property>
  <property name="portNumber">1433  </property>
  <property name="databaseName">database  </property>
  <property name="user">user  </property>
  <property name="password">password  </property>

I've declared the user directory in another file, Nuxeo/nxserver/config/userprojects-config.xml:

  <component name="">
  <implementation class=""/>
  <require>  </require>
  <require>org.nuxeo.runtime.datasource.project  </require>
  <extension target="" point="directories">
  <directory name="MyUserDirectory">
  <inverseReference field="groups" directory="groupDirectory" dualReferenceField="members" />

When I start Nuxeo I get the following error: org.nuxeo.ecm.core.api.WrappedException: Exception: message: dataSource lookup failed

I'm obviously not declaring the datasource properly. What am I doing wrong?

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Can you give us cause by exception. This only the High level exception. Can diagnostic it.

This is another exception I get prior to the one above:

2012-04-12 11:31:37,675 ERROR
[] dataSource lookup failed
javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Name project is not bound in this Context
at org.apache.naming.NamingContext.lookup(
at org.apache.naming.NamingContext.lookup(
at org.apache.naming.NamingContext.lookup(

What is the version of Nuxeo?

We're using 5.5.

Are there any error or warning logs in server.log about org.nuxeo.runtime.datasource.project or sqlds-config.xml?