Nuxeo login issue with LDAP


I have configured nuxeo 5.6 with LDAP. I have a de-coupled environment i.e nuxeo DB and nuxeo application is running on different machines within same VLAN. Each time when i try to logged in into it, it throws me error of 'Invalid username/password'. Now after this, without changing any entry or attribute of user i.e username and password, I again make a try, then its get successfully logged in.

Each time i have to 2-times click the login button. In logs it says..login failed without giving any extra piece of information.

Many thanks in advance..!!!

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Are there any other errors in the Nuxeo logs? Please try to activate DEBUG mode for {{}} to find out more. Also a network trace of the LDAP dialogue could be helpful.


Thanks for your concern and time. I have one issue, How do i turn on the DEBUG mode for ??

I have already setup debug mode true in log4j.xml file. In my nuxeo instance, I have log4j.xml like this..

log4j:configuration xmlns:log4j=""
debug="true" threshold="null">

Do i need to change it somewhere else ??

Many thanks in advance…!!!


In log4j.xml add:

<category name="">
  <priority value="DEBUG" />

This is standard Log4J stuff.


Hi, Thanks for the update…!!!

I have found something in logs, as follows

DEBUG [] Bind failed: (my ldap server hostname):389; socket closed

What exactly is this ??

This piece of ERROR always come when i make the first try, but on second try and afterwards, Nuxeo authentication works properly.

So what next step should i take to deal with this "socket closed" problem ??


Hi Florent,

Any update on this..???


hi, getting same error

Hi, I am newer to Nuxeo. I had successfully implemented SSO with LDAP-CAS-NUXEO, but Nuxeo takes login credentials as UserName & Password. But I want to change it to Email & password. I am not able to find any way to do it. Any help in this will be greatly appreciable.