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I have two questions.

1) In terms of workflow, is it possible to add a comment when a user validates the transition? I want that this comment will appear in the document history.

2) Is it possible to create a view based on the group? Let me explain: I want only the documents in the “Published” are visible except for Administrators who can see all the documents.

Thank you!

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Hi, 2 questions should be 2 separate questions and not one double question :)

About view depending on the group. What you are looking for is a “content view” in Studio; Content Views

You can create 3 content views and then show them depending on the group the user is in. (you can say this “all document” content view is visible by administrators only). Once you created to content views, go to your document type (maybe a workspace) definition in Studio, there is a tab called “tabs”. In there you can configure how to display new content views.

To filter for which group of users to display the content view, go in the “tabs” tab of the doc type definition, where you can add a new content view with “additional tab configuration” and select for which group of user to display it with the condition “current user is member off” (you can put one or several groups here). Note that this condition is also available in the enablement option if you created a tab (in Listing and views > tabs) to hold the content view.

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Thank you for your answers. I thought well to contentview but I don't know how to assign a contentView to a group!

How assign a contentview to a group ?


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I edited the first answer to add the precision :)

Concerning the workflow, you can add a workflow or node variable named “comment” and add a form to the nodes in which you put your “comment” field. This comment will appear in the workflow history

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