Updating document properties in SQL does not reflect on the frontend without a Nuxeo restart?

Hello all,

We needed to perform some SQL (MS-SQL) updates to documents stored in our db's. When we perform this update, we re-index those specific documents in Elasticsearch.

However, the data on the frontend still displays the old data, and not the new updated data. The only way we found to fix this is to completely restart Nuxeo.

Is there anyway to reflect these DB SQL updates on the frontend WITHOUT a restart?


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There are a number of caches in Nuxeo. As long as these won't be flushed and/or data refreshed in the caches, you might hit stale data. Using Nuxeo API to make changes ensures cache integrity and data consistency.


Can you explain why you're updating document properties in the DB directly instead of relying on the Nuxeo API? It is really surprising, and definitely not the recommended way of updating document properties.


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