Content Layout has dissapeared from Document Type in Nuxeo Studio

Hi, In Nuxeo Studio, when I modified/added a document type in the Model, I could change the content layout for creation, view, and edit mode. Now, suddenly, when i open the document type to modify the content layout, it no longer shows me. I only have 2 tabs, Definition and Schema. As such, I cannot enter any properties into the document when i add a new file with that document type. Also, i have uninstalled the web-ui and is using the JSF-UI as default in this platform. Kindly advise if there is a setting/configuration that i accidentally switched off.

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You are probably missing the JSF UI dependency in Studio. Try going to Settings > Application Definition screen, select your target Nuxeo Server version and the Nuxeo JSF UI addon, then save. You should see the JSF UI related options appear again.

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Thanks Betrand. That's was the missing piece.

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