JSESSIONID check if session is active

Hi there (again :-) ),

I want to check if a session is active by checking the JSESSIONID. Does nuxeo have a get request which can check this?

*EDIT I would like to have something like this: GET http://localhost:8080/nuxeo/validateuser/bauke.roo@testdomain.nl/JSESSION-ID=30932m9c84093242*

Thanks, Bauke Roo

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I ended up with creating a webengine module, checking only the username by getting the context (which is probably the JSESSION).

public class ValidateUser extends ModuleRoot{

     * @param user: the username from the url
     * @return 1 if the user corresponds with the session user,
     * @return 0 of it does not.
     * @throws Exception
    public Object doGet(@PathParam("user") String user) throws Exception{

        if (user.equals(this.getContext().getPrincipal().getName()))

For me this is seems to be fine for now :-)

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