Is it possible to use boolean_radio_button widget with Nuxeo DM?

If so what do I need to do?

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I'm not sure what widget you're referring too, but if you'd like to use a non-standard widget type, it's probably using a widget template. You can follow instructions described here (doc is for another kind of specific template widget).

If you do not want to upload the file in studio resources (to keep on using the one provided by default in Nuxeo), you can add a custom property with “template” as key, and type the path as value.

If it's not a widget template, but a widget type that's not available in Studio, you can use the “Generic” widget type available in the same “Advanced widgets” section.

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FYI I found the boolean_radio_button widget in the Social Collaboration part of nuxeo. It provides a separate Yes and No check box only allowing one to be checked. The user wants separate yes and no boxes rather than a single box checked or unchecked.

The widget you are talking about is defined like that in Nuxeo Social Collaboration:

  <extension target="org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.forms.layout.WebLayoutManager"

    <widget name="social_workspace_is_public" type="template">
        <label mode="any"></label>
         <label mode="any"></label>
      <properties mode="any">
        <property name="template">

So you refer what just explain anahide with the template field value "/widgets/boolean_radio_widget_template.xhtml".


This widget works if you use the above code/template.