Can Nuxeo DM and Nuxeo DAM run jointly?

If I want to use Nuxeo DAM and Nuxeo DM, can I have both of them running on the same installation and same content repository? Will they share the same users and documents?

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Yes and yes.

In a shared repository scenario documents can be created in either of those systems and previewed/manipulated in the other.

The users can be set up in the same database.

Please note that user authentication can also be done via a third-party system or protocol (e.g. LDAP, ActiveDirectory, OpenAuth, etc), while documents can be accessed from other systems, too (WSS Share Point, WebDav, etc).

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Not that this will be made simpler with Nuxeo 5.5, as a built-in feature of the platform.

Don't they HAVE to run together to have any management posibilities?

If only DAM exists there is NO way (that I can see) to do anything with folders (ie delete) from DAM tab, but only from DM tab

Same applies to group rights (they can only be managed on DM tab)


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