versioningRule not working, any tips on how to troubleshoot this?

Via nuxeo Studio ive created an XML Extension.

The defaultVersioningRule works for all types except the type 'file'. And I only need it for the this type.

When using a specific versioningRule for typeName=“File”. Nothing happens…

Please help, been on this problem for 5 days and my head is exploding.

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I m facing exactly the same problem and mentionned it on your previous post


How come the defaultVersioningRule be taken into account as studio writes its own versionning rule for each custom type and is deployed afterwards ?

Yes you're running into a Studio bug: Thanks for the report

Hi, Thnx for your help :), atleast now i know ive got to stop looking for an answer. And can tell my boss its a bug and he should just wait until this is fixed. Have a nice day

I am using Nuxeo LTS, and i have enabled Versioning Rules for Default Files as well as Custom Doc Types. Please refer the link

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