Configuration Imap connector plugin to read mail from gmail

I'm trying to configure mail folder to get mails from Gmail , i've tried the default configuration mentioned in this link but i can't get it to work. Can any anyone provide me the correct configuration. Here is what i've done so far: Titre : some title Courriel : Mot de passe : Protocole : IMAP Hôte : Port : 993 Socket factory par défaut : oui Port du socket factory : 993 Utiliser TLS (IMAP) : oui Protocoles SSL (IMAP) : SSLv3

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I've set a similar configuration on my Nuxeo Platform 7.3, with a small difference I used IMAPS as a protocol and it works. Could you try with this setting? Moreover if you are using a two factor authentication you need to generate a dedicated password.

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Thank you , it's working now .

Manon Lumeau can you provide me configuration to fetch emails from Outlook ?