Saved search view not showing proper view

Hi, I have saved 2 search,

  1. search1 : having some filter (ex.Modification Date : Last 24h (0) )
  2. search2 : having some filter (ex.Size : Less than 100 KB (1) )

These 2 search come in Search Filter drop-down present at top left corner in Search tab under Saved Searches. Suppose Quick Search is selected First time, then I select search1 it shows correct filter applied with correct result. After that I have selected search2, then it is showing result of search1 i.e. UI is not properly Updated. Then again I selected search1 , at that time it shows result of search2 i.e. UI is showing data from last selected option, not from current selected option.

     Try this by creating 2 different search.

Can any one solve this!!!

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This is a known bug that should be fixed soon

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Hi, I have solve this issue by changing code of bundle nuxeo-search-ui.

in this file I have change method refreshAndRewind() as follows:

public void refreshAndRewind() {

    String contentViewName = getCurrentContentViewName();
    if (contentViewName != null) {
        //code added for saved search UI issue
        try {
            } catch (UnsupportedEncodingException e) {          
            } catch (IOException e) {
      //code added for saved search UI issue
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