Nuxeo 5.8 - Single document suggestion :


I use in nuxeo 5.8 “single document suggestion”.

I got in my “javascript inline” a string value for a “document id”,

and would dream to get in my javascript inline code the “nuxeo document” of this id

in order to return it's dublincore “title”.

I surf on Internet and got some stuff like that, with objects maps

jQuery().automation('Seam.RunOperation', automationParams);

on :

Nevertheless, I didn't know if this works with select2. And also, if it is possible to get in javascript a document (and use it) with a call of a an automation getdocument method and map of parameters ?

thank you

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Hi there! I am not really sure I understood what you'd like to achieve but we have now some doc

hi! thanks you very much for your documentation and comment. My final objectif is to get a document-selected total path not with name, but with all it's parent "title"