Removing filtering on webdav User Agents

I have read and was wondering instead of individually adding each user agent would it be possible to allow any client to connect?

I was trying along the lines of replacing

<header name="User-Agent">(Microsoft-WebDAV-MiniRedir|DavClnt|litmus|gvfs|davfs|WebDAV|cadaver|BitKinex).*</header>


<header name="User-Agent">(*).*</header>

but it doesnt seem to work..

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This doc is mostly obsolete, all WebDAV clients are supported automatically. The configuration provided only applies for semi-broken clients that attempt to do the initial authentication using something other than PROPFIND or OPTIONS. See NXP-8636 for more.

Also if the config tried was using the correct regexp syntax, it would prevent many other things (like normal form-based login for regular web users) from working.

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