How to automatically perform the Nuxeo Studio "VCS Sanity Checks?"

I'm planning to import a rather large set of metadata vocabulary terms into Nuxeo schemas. In the course of early testing via the Nuxeo Studio interface for loading XSD files, I enabled “Activate VCS sanity checks” and received the following.

The field 'additionalType' referenced in this schema is invalid: Invalid name for a field: 'additionalType' (the suffix 'Type' is reserved)

I believe I understand what the issue is here, but I would like to detect these conflicts in a batch rather than needing to manually upload each .xsd file to Nuxeo Studio and check the result. Is the validation code available somewhere for command-line usage?

If there isn't public code to perform the check anywhere, are the validation rules specified in code or documentation so I can sanitize my metadata term names ahead of time?

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Sorry, validation code is not available outside of Studio right now, but adding documentation about it would be good.

Here the “Type” suffix is reserved by Studio as it'll take this suffix to generate sub types, and this is an easy way to avoid collisions with all the tables created by VCS.

Some other prefixes and suffixes are reserved for similar reasons, and some schema names are also reserved (to avoid collisions with getters/setters on the DocumentModel api for instance).

Note that some checks are done to avoid collisions with other schemas in the project, so this “first level” validation may not be accurate until all schemas are present in Studio.

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Thanks for the quick reply! Is there anywhere in public code/documentation where I can see the list of reserved prefixes and suffixes for attribute names?

I'm OK with needing to manually resolve conflicts among my own installed schemas, but I want to make sure that I can eliminate any conflicts with the underlying assumptions made in VCS.