How can we get sub-documents to show in a folderish proxy?

Here's our use case: We have two different direction department with two workspaces managed and accessible only by the associated department.

I.E. workspace1 is only accessible by department1 and workspace2 is only accessible by department2.

Sometimes collaboration on the same document is required by both department and in those case, the document is shared to the other department by using a document proxy, as created by CoreSession.createProxy([…]). This has worked fine as both can access and modify the same data and can organize their “linking proxy” as they see fit.

A problem arises when this DocumentModel is also a Folderish, as the proxy version is not shown in virtualnavigation, documents stored in it are not shown in the proxy and vice versa. Any thought on how to work around the problem or how to deal with that use case?

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in short, I think nuxeo needs to have "document symlinks"