Refresh document in workspaces when added from automation client

Hi at all,

I have a problem with nuxeo automation client used for adding new documents… When i add new documents with blob attached (like in the example: i can't see new documents added in the user interface, the only way i can use is to logoff and login again and the documents appears… I need to call some other operation to refresh and show new content? I have tried to use

nuxeosession.newRequest("Seam.Refresh").setInput(new PathRef(pathtoworkspace)).execute();



But every time throw exception

Caused by: org.nuxeo.ecm.automation.client.jaxrs.spi.JsonMarshalling$RemoteThrowable: Failed to invoke operation Seam.Refresh

P.s. Nuxeo is DM 5.5

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Any errors in the log server side?

I am Also Facing Same Issue,

When I create Folder Using Automation, then i tried to fetch the same folder at other place after adding, it is not returning folder. when i try after 1 or 2 minute it works. so is there any cache or something we need to clear to appear that folder immediately ? I am using LTS 2016.


So is confirmed that if i add a doc using the automation client it must be showed immediately from web interface?

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