Attaching "extra files" through REST API?

Using the REST API, I can successfully create a File document, and use Blob.Attach to upload the primary file for this document.

Is there any way to attach supplementary files as well? I want to imitate the UI action of going to the “Files” tab, and uploading extra files; but I want to do this through the REST interface.

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It looks like using 'files:files' in the xpath argument works. I'll try to post a worked example to answer my own question properly.

I have got also this problem. I tried blobs (a list of blob) in the setInput but the following exception raises : ERREUR_org.nuxeo.ecm.automation.client.RemoteException: Failed to parse multipart request

Have you got a solution on your side ?

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See my comment from January 23: "It looks like using 'files:files' in the xpath argument works."