Est il possible de combiner de deux types de classements dans un domaine de nuxéo ? - Is it possible to combine two types of rankings in a field of Nuxeo?


Nous souhaiterions pouvoir classer des documents dans deux workspaces différents : l'un par date de manière antéchonologique et l'autre par ordre alphabétique de titre.

Cela est-il possible ? Merci !


We would like to organize documents in two different workspaces: one by reverse chronological order and the other alphabetically by title.

Do you think that it's possible?

Thank you !

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Hi Fred, Sorry if I’m confusing.

There are two cases:

  1. As you can see on the schema, we would like to order the folder 2-A alphabeticaly by title (by default) and keep the folder 2-B by reverse chronological order (by default) as it is right now. Do you think it is possible ?

  2. Then, on the right frame (in a folder from the left part of the screen), we would like to have an alphabeticaly order when it's titles (As you can see it's not the case in this example for the folder 2-C) and keep the reverse chronological order when it is number. What do you think about that ?

Many thanks for your help !

alt text

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Hi Fred,

Thank you very much for your answer ! We actually have one workspace with different folders inside and we would like to have some of them organized by reverse chronological order (2013, 2012, 2011, …) and others alphabetically order. I heard that it isn't possible to combine those two ways of ranking, but I'm not sure that it's true… what do you think about that?

Thanks again for your help ! Best.

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Sorry I do not get the use case. In one workspace, you need 2 views to display the content (which is doable)? Or Do you need one view to display some folders (by date, what date by the way?) and one view to display some folders ordered by title? How to you know which folder should be in which view? Or is it one view orderder by date and then by title? Maybe a schema could help ;) Thanks Fred


Having documents in multiple workspaces at the same time requires what we call “proxies“. It's technically doable but not exposed in the UI (except within the publicaiton system which is not what you are trying to achieve here). However, do you need 2 different workspaces? You could display the 2 listings in the same workspace (one under the other, or in 2 different tabs) with different display condition. Document listings are called content views and can configured very easily with Studio. In a content view, you can even lists document that are not at the same place if you'd like to.

Good luck!


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