How can I refesh the view relating to documents after modification ?


I would like to refresh the display of a document after users have added modifications. When the user open the file attached to the document and after saving the new file attached, the version is increased and the file is correctly saved but in order to notice modifications, the user has to reload the interface. Could you tell me a wrokaround in order to allow users to observe their modifiations right after saving the document without reloading the interface ?



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Hi Charles,

I have the same question as you, as I would like to have auto-refresh after a file has been changed (let's say a MOV video converted in MP4 for instance). I've been told for now that it's something impossible with Nuxeo : user must do a manual action to see the changes are achieved(page refresh, or leave then go back to the page, or click on a refresh icon in the page).

I would also love someone in the forum tell me there's a solution with Nuxeo. Otherwise I can see you asked the question 2 years ago, maybe you found a solution in the meantime ?

Thanks, Romain


This kind of things needs an event channel from the server to the user's browser in order to instruct the browser to refresh if something changed server-side. It's possible but pretty hard to get right, and is not part of Nuxeo today.

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