TemplateRoot exists but not operational


In a domain named “A”, I have a TemplateRoot with several workspaces below but when I create a new workspace in WorkspaceRoot or workspace below this domain “A”, I haven't the form to choice a template workspace. For the others domains, I have it.

For information, after I created this Domain “A”, I deleted the TemplateRoot to simplify because my users don't need it but now, they need it !!!…So, I created it again with a copy/paste from another domain. Perhaps this manipulation isn't right ? If so, how make thinking users have filled their domain “A” ? In the interface, no differences with the others TemplateRoot, in the database either

Anyone has an idea for activate again this TemplateRoot for this Domain “A” ?

Thanks !

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Did you override the workspace definition ?

No, I just add my specific type of document for the workspace :

  <type id="workspace">

Hello !

I find a solution : I found the initial TemplateRoot in the domain A's trash ! So, I deleted the last I created and then, I restored the initial and now, it's ok !

I precise : I have to delete finally the second TemplateRoot from the trash before all it's ok.

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