Comma in file name cause problem in Chrome Browser ?

Whenever my user upload a file with comma “,” in the file's name like this:

alt text

That file will not be able to be downloaded with Chrome browser. Chrome will report an error like this.

alt text

Anybody has got the same problem ? Any workaround (besides switching the browser) ?

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Thanks for the report, this is now fixed (see NXP-9542) by properly encoding the comma.

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This is a known issue specific to Google Chrome specifically related to the Content-Disposition header. According to numerous references (just Google “Chrome content-disposition comma”) this is caused by the fact that chrome doesn't properly handle escaping of commas while Firefox, IE, etc. do. According to a few sites this was introduced relatively recently and Google doesn't plan on fixing it. It should be possible to modify Nuxeo to handle this condition, but probably best done as a hot fix since this is a core function.

Two simpler suggestions: (1) rename the file to remove the comma, or (2) if it's an option use a different browser :-)

Cheers, Bruce.

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