Alternate form type element for multi-valued fields?

Has anyone created an alternate element type to handle input of multi-valued fields? For simple arrays, we find that the editable nuxeo-data-table element takes up too much screen space and the UX isn't very smooth. I'm looking into creating a new element, or customizing the existing one so that entering values can be a bit easier and use less clicks. If anyone has done such a thing and could share their code it would be nice to not have to start from scratch.

Even a simple input field that could add to the array may be better if a user was to enter something like “value1,value2,value3” to denote the elements in the array. The nuxeo-input element doesn't seem to allow for this (in my limited testing), but something along those lines would be interesting to use.


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Hi Phil, we had a similar request. I can't share the code, but we created a new element based on nuxeo-selectivity. The UI looks like the standard nuxeo drop-downs (vocabulary suggestions, document suggestions, etc) with pill styling. We are able to paste lists separated by commas, spaces, and more. I hope this helps.

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Thanks for the suggestion. When you paste lists into the element, are those entries already in a vocabulary that the element references? If that is the case, we don't have a vocabulary to validate each entry; in our use-case it would be an array of numbers or strings that could be almost anything.

No, the element is not tied to a vocabulary.