How to deploy a jar plugin in a production server.

I have installed Nuxeo using the APT repository in an ubuntu server (10.04). Also, in my computer I have got Nuxeo IDE working and I have made a custom project which changes the login page. It works when I launch the Nuxeo SDK. I have exported my project as a war using the contextual menu, but now I don't now where to deploy it. I have try some locations but it does not seem to work.

Can anyone tell me where is the correct place?


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Sorry bruce :),

Take the jar in your dev instance (into $NuxeoServer/nxserver/bundles) or build your project with maven:

  • you must have installed maven
  • do “mvn install” at the root of your project
  • the jar will be available into the $project/target/name-of-your-project-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

And the copy this jar into:

  • $NuxeoServer/nxserver/bundles/ if you have a Tomcat distribution
  • $NuxeoServer/default/deploy/nuxeo.ear/bundles/ if you have a JBoss distribution

where $NuxeoServer is the location of the Nuxeo Server :)

If, I'm right for the deb package, this must be /var/lib/nuxeo

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Thanks for your help. That's the way I went yesterday but it didn't work. I have already tried $NuxeoServer/nxserver/bundles/ and $NuxeoServer/nxserver/plugins/ without luck. My bundle is not deployed.

I am going to try to change something based on other nuxeo bundles.


no need to be sorry - yours is a much more detailed answer :-)

Build your project as a JAR file and deploy it to [root]/nxserver/plugins directory

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