Share a converted video format to an external user using Easy Share

Hi All,
    In recent queries there was an issue asking why Nuxeo play only converted video's. So Nuxeo plays only MP4 videos in the video player.I have a requirement where i should be able to share converted video format to an external user through **easyshare**. How would i do that?? 
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Hi Kartik,

So, what seems to be the problem? After following the user documentation (, are you running across errors? Are you currently unable to share videos to external users?




Hi Yousuf,

Problem is i want to share converted format of a video file(because on click of a file in easy share folder for an external user only MP4 format plays, rest all format just gets downloaded). So i want to share an external user with converted format of the file.

I hope you understood my problem.

Thanks, Kartik


Indeed, thank you for clarifying. The correlation between the two makes sense, now. Alain's answer is as good as any. I guess we wait for the 2016 LTS or implement it ourselves. Either way, I think it's an important feature to have, as many have requested the ability to do so.

Good luck,



No immediate way of doing this with Easyshare. Starting from 8.1, you can use “Instant share”, which allows you to get a link for unauthenticated access to a given folder, with all the features of the JSF back office. (And Web UI now). To get an instant share link, just go to the permission tab with management permission on the folder / document you are on.

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