Can't see any documents in permitted additional repository


I have problem which i'm struggling since 7.10 version. I have multi repository configuration. When as an administrator i give permissions to read, edit and menage everything to let's say “test” on additional repository, and then I log in into this test account and try to view documents in repository I only get this message “This folder contains no document.“. It looks like there are no documents on this repository but they are! Administrator or people from administrators group see everything. On default repository it seems to work. When I add test to member group I can see documents on default repository but additional repository behave like described above. Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create additional repository
  2. On Administrator account go into permissions tab on this created repository
  3. Add new permissions to read, edit and manage everything for test
  4. Go into test account
  5. Try to reach documents on additional repository
  6. You get message: This folder contains no document.

EDIT I can go into test account to this additional repository, and for example add domain. But after create domain I can't reach it, while on Administrator account it's possible to see it. Also if I'm on test account and when i go into link of some folder in additional repository manually it works.

EDIT2: It seems to work if i change in repository configuration aclOptimizations to false. But from I read in docs i would prefer set it to true… but with true it's the problem described above.

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Can you log as Administrator and do an xml export of the domain (just the document, not the tree) on which you set the permission for user "test" ? Goal is to check if the permission was set.

It's funny… When I try to export xml on additional repository i get: {"entity-type":"exception","code":"org.nuxeo.ecm.core.api.DocumentNotFoundException","status":404,"message":"956a168d-00d2-4417-a8a2-8c751d432048"} On default repository I can without any problems get it


Thanks for the report: this is a known bug, it's been fixed, see

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Hi, Unfortunately this two problems are different. Case in Your jira is that You can't retrieve and add permissions in permissions tab. I can't retrieve any content from repository, even if I have permissions to it. P.S Problem from jira with permissions is working for me.

Alright, my bad