Why does nuxeo display empty documents in results screens

Hello, I noticed that nuxeo displays empty documents in the results screens before doing a scrolling as shown in the following picture

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and this problem will be solved if we do a scroll

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I wanted to know if there is a solution to prevent the appearance of empty documents before doing a scroll.

For your information, I thought about using pagination display but so far I haven't figured out how to do it (smae problem)

Thank you in advance

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I've already noticed this behaviour. You can see it if you're scrolling very fast to the end of the scroll, or when you zoom out a lot (your case). In regular projects, it's perfectly fine when the 10-20 results are loaded. So the only way I see to solve this problem is through result pagination: In your nuxeo-data-table element, add paginable="true" .


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Yes I confirm that adding "paginable=true" in "nuxeo-data-table" solve the problem except that we lose the retrieval of the list of all the elements when using the slot "RESULTS_ACTIONS".



I added the paginable = true attribute in nuxeo-data-table and it works except for the first time I will have the duplicate result list. For example if I have the page size of the provider at 10, I will have in the result 20 documents which are in fact the first 10 documents but listed 2 times And if I clicked the "Search" button again, the problem would no longer exist.

Note that the problem will not occur if I remove the paginabale attribute.

Thank you for helping me.