How to retrieve document of type 'Workspace' with CMIS query ?

I'm using the cmislib (python client) to request my Nuxeo server (5.5.0-HF05) but I can't retrieve document of type 'Workspace' or 'WorkspaceRoot' with this query:

SELECT * FROM cmis:folder

This one returns nothing:

SELECT * FROM cmis:folder WHERE dc:title = 'Workspaces'

How should I do it?

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Since NXP-8495, when you do a query in Nuxeo 5.5 and you want non-checked-in documents, you have to add the option searchAllVersions=true to the query. NXP-9174 fixes the case where it was unnecessarily required for folders. This fix is present in 5.5.0-HF07.

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Ok I have better understood where did the problem.