What version of Seam is Nuxeo developed?

What version is the current Nuxeo platform developed with? If it's not written with Seam 3 or Weld, do you plan to upgrade Nuxeo with Seam 3 and/or Weld?

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Here you can find information about Nuxeo's usage of Seam (currently it is 2.1) and JSF.

As for our future plans in regards to Seam, please check this answer.

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Thanks for your answer. Ah yes, such is the life of a software developer. 90 percent learning, 9 percent perspiration, 1 percent work. I was just about comfortable with Seam 2.1 but have to work on a C++ Project (gotta make a living) and when I came back, I have to update with Seam 3/Weld … well, I guess I'm gonna have to learn DeltaSpike.

I'm crossing my fingers CDI or Delta Spike would last longer before the next one comes along.