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I am currently using Nuxeo 5.5 with support for JBPM. Default workflows supported by Nuxeo are limited in my case and I would like to create my own Workflows and use Nuxeo's JBPM engine in their execution. I have the following questions:

  1. Does Nuxeo's JBPM provides full functionality support like the JBOSS JBPM engine or it only provides limited functionality? the reason behind my question the comment in the following JBPM Interface that assumes one document could be attached to a process (Please correct me if I misunderstood this):
  2. Which JBPM version is used in Nuxeo 5.5?
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You can fully use JBPM Nuxeo 5.5, but it's a bit complex. That's why we decided to write our own engine since 5.6 with a easy to use designer. But you can still use JBPM in 5.6 and the new version 5.7.1 deploying the JBPM add on.

You can see in, choosing the 5.5.0 branch, into the pom.xml that we used :


The default JBPM workflow enabled by the addon is explained here.

About how to create your own JBPM Workflow with Nuxeo, I found with yahoo search this. But I never wrote a JBPM workflow.

But if I read well, you have to design the workflow into the JBPM designer and import it into your Nuxeo project and register it into Nuxeo and add some glue code.

Hope this helps a bit :)

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Hi bjalon,

Thanks a lot for your answers. However, I would appreciate if you elaborate more regarding why JBPM integration with Nuxeo is supported but more complex? Is it complex from an end-user perspective or an integration perspective? Are there any integration challenges with Nuxeo V5.5 and JBPM?

Thanks for your cooperation.


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